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Botanic ice tablets made and photographed by Mary Kocol

Ice Garden the Poetics of Nature

©2013, Mary Kocol

Ice Gardens: The Poetics of Nature Book
Foreword by John R. Stilgoe
8x10", 66 pages, 31 photographs, hardcover
Sunpet Press

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"Stunning..." - Artscope Magazine

White Peony with Leaves

© Mary Kocol

The Photographer's Garden on August 2nd

© Mary Kocol

Pink Peony, Mom's Garden

© Mary Kocol

Roses Past

© Mary Kocol

Orange Roses, Floating

© Mary Kocol

Red Roses, Summer Garden

© Mary Kocol

Cherry Blossoms from Bethesda

© Mary Kocol

Crabapples, Stained

© Mary Kocol

Morning Glory with Bubble

© Mary Kocol

Orange Roses, Summer Garden

© Mary Kocol

Pink English
Roses Floating, September

Mary Kocol

The Garden on 8/20/2008
© Mary Kocol

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